• Features of the Stone Foundation:

    • Site excavation and leveling.

    • Use pressure-treated 4x6 or 4x4 perimeter bolstered with ½'' x 24" rebar pegs through the 4x6s or 4x4s for enhanced stability.

    • The upper surface of the 4x6s or 4x4s is designed to rise around 1" above the ground, particularly at the structure's entrance.

    • A 4'' to 6" layer of 3/4" refined stone is meticulously leveled and compacted.

    • A geotextile fabric is employed to keep the stone and soil distinct. This arrangement expedites drainage, offers increased foundational stability, and curbs weed growth near the structure.

    • This stone foundation doubles as a drainage layer, safeguarding the structure's sides and flooring from moisture-induced decay. It also deters uneven settling, prolonging the lifespan of the structure.

    Pricing Guidelines:

    • Pricing is based on the premise that the site is no more than 10" off-level. Variations beyond this may incur extra charges during the work day.

    • Additional fees might be levied if excavation involves rocks, stumps, or extensive root systems.

    • For a pad 10" to 20" off level, add a 25% charge.

    • For a pad 20" to 28" off level, increase by 35%.

    • For pads exceeding 28" off-level, a bespoke quote is needed.

    Additional Information:

    • Any surplus soil to be utilized on the site. Transporting excess dirt off-site may lead to extra charges.

    Damage Waiver:

    • Clients must ensure unhindered site access for equipment. During the process, the customer assumes responsibility for any damages to property, vegetation, underground cables, or plumbing.

Stone Pads

10'x16' Wood Workshop #W1
LP SmartSide Siding, Light Gray Color, White Trim, Raised Panel Shutters, Gray Shingles
10'x16' Vinyl Workshop #W2
White Vinyl Siding, White Trim, Black Louvered Shutters, 5’ Fiberglass Double Door, Black Shingles
8'x16' Wood Workshop #W3
LP SmartSide Siding, Red Color, White Trim, Black Raised Panel Shutters, Black Shingles
10'x20' Vinyl Workshop #W4
Heritage Gray Vinyl Siding, White Trim, Gray Louvered Shutters, 5’ Fiberglass Double Door, Dk. Gray Shingles

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